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Dear User, we are asking you to read and agree to the terms given below to be able to become a member to CureInTrip platform and benefit from the services it provides. Below terms are listed as an agreement that you will agree to in order to use this platform. If you do not agree to these terms, please do not use the platform.

CureInTrip is an electronic platform that provides its members with the chance to give information and make publicity of their services only for international patients and where the users can share their experiences within the concept of health tourism applications.

Within the concept of health applications, CureInTrip aims to bring parties together and provide information on the special health services and prices of the members registered in the platform for international patients who wish to receive health services in Turkey.

CureInTrip only aims to bring international patients and medical attendants together. It cannot be used to diagnose or treat diseases. None of the information on the platform or the doctor recommendations can be understood as an official examination or diagnosis. Since the answers provided by the doctors are merely recommendations provided without an official patient meeting or an examination, they are only for informatory and advisory reasons.

1. Website Usage

By using this website, you agree and accept that:

  1. You are a person and/or international patient that resides abroad (out of Turkey) and does not have a residence permit in Turkey and/or entered Turkey for temporary legal purposes other than education OR you are a registered medical attendant able to provide health services in Turkey;
  2. All information provided by you on this website are real, true, updated, and complete,
  3. If you have a CureInTrip account, that you will protect your account details, you will monitor your account and that you will be responsible if your account is used by a third person other than you in anyway,
  4. In order to register for an account or to contribute to our website, that you are 18 years of age or older,
  5. You are legally authorized to sign this agreement and use this website in accordance with the terms and conditions given in this website.

2. Membership

CureInTrip has two types of memberships:

  1. Users

    International patients, who are natural persons that reside abroad and does not have a residence permit in Turkey and who entered Turkey for temporary legal purposes other than education and who are eligible for becoming a member of our platform to access member details and communicate with other members can become members free of charge.

  2. Medical Attendants and Private Health Institutions
    1. Within the concept of Law no. 1219 on the Execution of Medicine and Medical Sciences; all doctors and dentists eligible to perform their branches in Turkey after providing their diploma photocopy, registration document and national identity documents,
    2. Private Health Institutions (Legal Entities) that are registered by the Ministry of Health and employs doctors in their organizations, have legal entity status, and that are active as a policlinic or another name, by providing their licenses, tax board and authorized signatures list,
    3. By paying their membership fees,

Can become members to the platform.

Membership price is 300-USD for one year. In case of payment in Turkish Liras, Effective Currency sales rate of the Republic of Turkey Central Bank on date of the payment. Membership fee can be paid via credit card online on the platform or via bank transfer to the bank account.

Members can terminate their membership when they want. In case of membership cancellation, membership fee is not returned. In case the member fails to follow the terms outlined in this agreement, CureInTrip can cancel or suspend the membership one-sidedly without previous notification and resort to technical retentions to prevent the member use the website.

3. Privacy Policy and Explanations

CureInTrip pays attention to protect your privacy. Personal information you submit to this website will be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy. To view our Privacy Policy, please click here.

4. Evaluations and Comments

CureInTrip may enable you to publish contents, messages or comments based on your or third persons’ experiences. If you receive this opportunity, you will be responsible for the messages and comments you wrote or how you use these fields. CureInTrip will not be held responsible for these contents under any circumstances. Additionally, CureInTrip reserves the right to remove any content, comment or message without any previous notification completely at its discretion.

CureInTrip will not be held responsible for any content published, stored or uploaded by you or any third persons or for any losses and damages in relation to these. Additionally, it will not accept any liability for any medical mal-applications, damages, mistakes, slanders, maligns, insufficiencies, wrongdoings or vulgarities.

5. Communication or Appointments through CureInTrip

CureInTrip may provide you with an opportunity to communicate and make an appointment with private health institutions that are members to the platform through the platform.

By using communicate with or make an appointment from fields, you declare that you agree with our Privacy Policy and the terms and conditions of this agreement. Besides, you also declare that you are 18 years of age, you have the legal capacity to sign this agreement, and all information you provided are true and real. Contacting the doctors with wrong or fake information is strictly prohibited. Members who attempt to do so may be banned from CureInTrip platform.

6. Disclaimer

This section limits CureInTrip's liability against you for any problems that might occur in relation with your use of this website.

There may be faults in the information, contents, products, appointment times and pricing of appointments provided in this website. CureInTrip does not guarantee the correctness of these information or is not responsible for mistakes or faults. CureInTrip reserves the right to correct the wrong pricing and/or details provided.

CureInTrip rejects all guarantees, terms or other conditions that an e-mail sent from this website, domains or users does not include viruses or other mal-contents.

Medical attendants providing information on this platform regarding health services are independent contractors; they are in no way partners, associates or employees of CureInTrip. CureInTrip is not responsible for damages or losses including personal injuries, death, damages on property or other damages or expenses caused by the mistakes, misconducts, neglects, declarations, and guarantees.

In light of the explanations given above, you are responsible for all the risks while using this website and CureInTrip will not be responsible for neglects, agreements, civil wrongs, strict liability, or any other directly or indirectly, punitive, accidents, private or consequent losses or damages, or incomes, gaining, bona fides, data, or loss of agreement, use of money, or any other reason for business interruption or consequent losses or damages, and your access, view, or use of this website or any consequent losses or damages, or your inability to access, view or use this website or consequent losses or damages (your trust in these comments or ideas in this website; computer viruses coming from this website, received information, software, connected websites, products or services, or any other losses or damages caused by your access, viewing or use of this website, all included but not limited to these), even though CureInTrip informs you that these damages or losses may happen.

7. Links to Third Party Websites

CureInTrip may include website links to website run by third parties. These links are provided only for informatory purposes. We do not monitor these websites and cannot be held liable for their contents, privacy applications or other applications. Besides, you are responsible for taking measures against viruses, worms, trojan horses, malfunctions or other harming elements included in these links or downloaded software (from this platform or other websites). Us adding these links to these websites does not mean we approve the contents of these websites or we have any connection with their administrators.

8. Intellectual Property Rights

Unless indicated otherwise, all intellectual property rights of contents, software, materials, patient evaluations and other contents given in this platform belong to CureInTrip.

The member agrees that during the membership, by uploading any logos, pictures, contents and other contents subject to intellectual property rights to the website may be used by CureInTrip for reference, informatory, publicity or informatory purposes.

All other trademarks, registered trademarks, product names and company names or logos given on this platform are under their respective owners’ intellectual property rights. A reference to other products, services, operations or other information by using trademarks, trade names, producer or supplier names does not mean that CureInTrip supports, sponsors or advises any of these.

9. Illegal Content Warning and Removal Policies

If you have any complaints or objections to any materials or contents (including user messages) provided on CureInTrip platform or if you believe materials or contents on the platform violate your copyrights, please contact us. Upon notification, CureInTrip will make every necessary endeavors to remove illegal contents in a reasonable timeline.

10. Change in Terms of Use

Terms and conditions on the services you will receive from CureInTrip are subject to change at all times. If you continue to access and use the platform after these changes, you will be regarded as accepting our new and amended agreement. We provide the last amendment date at the end of this page and the amendments will be valid as soon as they are published. Any fundamental changes in the agreement will be e-mailed to our users’ e-mail addresses they provided us or published as a warning on the homepage.

CureInTrip reserves the right to change services provided on the platform partially or completely, suspend or cancel the same when deemed necessary. CureInTrip can also restrict certain features or services on the platform for technical or security reasons to prevent unauthorized access to data, data loss or corruption or when we believe you are violating a condition of this agreement or any other legal regulation at its discretion and without prior notice.

11. Applicable Law and Place of Jurisdiction

For any contractual conflicts, Turkish Law is applicable and Turkish Courts of Law are authorized.

By using this platform, you confirm that you read, understood and agree to the terms and conditions in this agreement, the privacy policy and cookie policy.

Thank you for the interest and trust you show in us by choosing CureInTrip.