How it works?

Our aim is to help patients find and compare the right health care provider for their specific needs. When they are intersted in or have decided to have a medical procedure abroad then we want to give them all the information they need.

We provide information and recommendations based on customer reviews for each facility listed on our website. You can speak with a doctor online or leave your telephone number and we will call you free of charge.

To became a member please click Sign In/Join in the top right hand corner of the homepage.
Enter your information.
Please ensure the telephone number you provide is your mobile number otherwise you will not receive the verification code required to complete your registration.
Enter the verification code.
Your profile page will open and here you can edit your information and view your enquiry history.

There are two search fields available, service and location. For example if you want to find a plastic surgeon in Fethiye you will enter plastic surgeon in the service field and Fethiye in the near field. You can also search for a specific treatment in the service field for example facelift.

Health care providers list the minimum and maximum prices for the treatments they are offering. If the price listed on our website has not been updated for 12 months or longer then please contact the health care provider and ask for the current price.

Once you have registered with us it is very easy to request an appointment.
Click on Sign In/Join and enter your membership details. Once you have logged on please go to the home page and search for the treatment you are interested in.
Once you have found your preferred physician/treatment click on the Enquire button.
Here you can add further details and submit supporting documents like a photo or PDF file.
To add an attachment tick the select file and add your documents.
Click on Send Enquiry.
Your appointment/enquiry will be sent to your relevant physician immediately. If you do not receive a response in the time you desire please click on the Contact link, complete the form and press send. You will receive a response by email or telephone as soon as possible.